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Avaya MM760 Media Module Features

The Avaya MM760 Media Module provides an additional 64 VoIP channels with G.711 compression. Each chassis base system can support up to 64 G.711 TDM/IP simultaneous calls or 32 compression codec (G.729 or G.723) TDM/IP simultaneous calls. Call types can be mixed, so the simultaneous call capacity of the module is 64 G.711 Equivalent Calls.

An essentially non-blocking system requires an additional Avaya MM760 Media Module if more than two Avaya MM710 T1/E1 Media Modules are used in a single chassis. This provides for an additional 64 channels.

As does the VoIP engine on the motherboard, the Avaya MM760 Media Module supports RTP and RTCP interfaces, dynamic jitter buffers, DTMF detection, hybrid echo cancellation, silence suppression, and comfort noise generation.

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