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Avaya TN2602AP

Avaya TN2602AP

TN2602AP Features

  • The TN2602AP IP Media Resource 320 provides high-capacity voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) audio access to the switch for local stations and outside trunks.
  • The IP Media Resource 320 provides audio processing for the following types of calls:
    • TDM-to-IP and IP-to-TDM - for example, a call from a 4602 IP telephone to a 6402 DCP telephone
    • IP-to-IP - for example, a non-shuffle conference call
  • The TN2602AP IP Media Resource 320 circuit pack has two capacity options, both of which are determined by the license file installed on Communication Manager:
  • 320 voice channels, considered the standard IP Media Resource 320
  • 80 voice channels, considered the low-density IP Media Resource 320

TN2602AP Gateway Compatibility

  • The IP Media Resource 320 is compatible with the SCC1, MCC1, and G650 media gateways (G650 is preferred)
  • Not supported in CMC1 and G600 media gateways
  • Supported by Avaya Communications Manger R3.1 or higher
  • Only two TN2602AP circuit packs are allowed per port network

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