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Avaya 120A6 CSU Module

Avaya 120A6 CSU Module

Avaya 120A6 CSU Features

  • In combination with a DS1 circuit pack, it provides the essential functions of external CSUs
  • Small size, easier to install than external CSU
  • Does not require any option switch settings or DS1 cable
  • Vintage 2 and higher provide enhancements to support the payload loopback function available when the ESF framing format is selected (requires 700A loopback jack)


The Avaya 120A6 CSU Module is compatible with the following DS1 circuit packs:

  • TN464E to TN464HP
  • TN2464CP and earlier
  • TN767D or TN767E
  • TN2313 or TN2313AP
  • Supported on Definity, Multivantage, and Communication Manager servers that support TN circuit packs

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